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Mallorca... Caribbean Sea of Europe



Recharge energy!

7-day program with Pilates, nutritional coaching, sun-rising meditation, sunset hike, dinner in a magic garden, fresh light cuisine and other epicurean highlights in selected restaurants in the area.

Dolphins at the island of Cabrera

Discover Cabrera

By boat to the island

The Cabrera National Park, the "Goat Island", is almost uninhabited and opens only every few years to allow visitors to explore its beauty. An experience for snorkelers and divers is the "Blue Grotto".

Statue mit Maske

No fear

of COVID 19

Mallorca is an island! And it's hard either for living things or viruses to get to the island unnoticed. We are all doing our best to keep the number of infection cases low. That makes your stay safe!

Magic Mallorca

Your address for a beautiful holiday accommodation, great experiences and good gastronomy

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